ATF Offices in the United States, Contact Information for Storage Requirements

Contact Information for ATF Offices in the United States

Alabama & Tennessee

Head Office: Brentwood, Tennessee

Phone: (615) 565-1400

Fax: (615) 565-1401


Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, and Guam

Head Office: Seattle, Washington

Phone: (206) 204-3205

Fax: (206) 204-3252


Arizona and New Mexico

Head Office: Phoenix, Arizona

Office of Criminal Enforcement Phone: (602) 776-5400

Office of Industry Operation Phone: (602) 776-5480

Fax: (602) 776-5429


Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Head Office: Metairie, Louisiana

Phone: (504) 841-7000

Fax: (504) 841-7039

California (northern) and Nevada

Head Office: Dublin, California

Phone: (925) 557-2800

Fax: (925) 557-2805


California (Los Angeles)

Head Office: Glendale, California

Phone: (818) 265-2500

Fax: (818) 265-2501


Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming

Head Office: Denver, Colorado

Phone: (303) 575-7600

Fax: (303) 575-7601


Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts

Head Office: Boston, Massachusetts

Phone: (617) 557-1200

Fax: (617) 557-1201


Delaware and Maryland

Head Office: Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: (443) 965-2000

Fax: (443) 965-2001


Florida (Miami)

Head Office: Miami, Florida

Phone: (305) 597-4800

Fax: (305) 597-4801


Florida (Tampa)

Head Office: Tampa, Florida

Phone: (813) 202-7300

Fax: (813) 202-7301



Head Office: Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404) 417-2600

Fax: (404) 417-2601



Head Office: Chicago, Illinois

Phone: (312) 846-7200

Fax: (312) 846-7201


Indiana and Ohio

Head Office: Columbus, Ohio

Phone: (614) 827-8400

Fax: (614) 827-8401


Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Head Office: Kansas City, Missouri

Phone: (816) 559-0700

Fax: (816) 559-0701


Kentucky and West Virginia

Head Office: Louisville, Kentucky

Phone: (502) 753-3400

Fax: (502) 753-3401



Head Office: Detroit, Michigan

Phone: (313) 202-3400

Fax: (313) 202-3445


Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin

Head Office: St. Paul, Minnesota

Phone: (651) 726-0200

Fax: (651) 726-0201


New Jersey

Head Office: Woodland Park, New Jersey

Phone: (973) 413-1179

Fax: (973) 413-1190


New York

Head Office: New York, New York

Phone: (646) 335-9000

Fax: (646) 335-9001


North Carolina and South Carolina

Head Office: Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: (704) 716-1800

Fax: (704) 716-1801


Oklahoma and Texas (northern)

Head Office: Dallas, Texas

Phone: (469) 227-4300

Fax: (469) 227-4330



Head Office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: (215) 446-7800

Fax: (215) 446-7811


Texas (southern)

Head Office: Houston, Texas

Phone: (281) 716-8200

Fax: (281) 716-8219


Virginia and District of Columbia

Head Office: Washington, DC

Phone: (202) 648-8010

Fax: (202) 648-8001

Chemical Storage Lockers and Buildings


Compliance with OSHA regulations and outdoor storage is essential. Get advice and prices on products to meet your requirements.

The Agribusiness industry is faced with its own set of strict regulations and guidelines with it comes to the storage and containment of chemicals that are unique to its needs. Securall offers a line of safety storage buildings especially designed for use in the agriculture industry. These buildings are specially designed to comply with safety regulations when using pesticides, herbicides, and other turf chemicals. Golf courses and nurseries are also prime candidates for these particular types of containment units.


Securall Fire Rated Storage Buildings carry the Factory Mutual System Approval label, and are FM Approved with regard to wall and roof design. Factory Mutual offers worldwide industrial and commercial product certification and testing services. Testing for FM was completed at Intertek Testing Laboratories. These buildings are also UL Fire Resistance Rated.


Lockers and buildings are fire rated dependent upon the proximity of the location of your unit in proximity to any other adjacent buildings or property lines, and are available with;

  • a 2 or 4 hour fire rating upgrade
  • 2 or 4 hour rated wall ratings
  • 1.5 or 3 hour fire ratings.


In addition to being FM and UL compliant, Securall meets the regulations as established by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Features of Agri-Chemical Storage Units and Containers include;

  • natural convection air vents (OSHA, FM 6049, IBC)
  • R11 fiberglass insulation in ceiling and walls (IBC)
  • vapor resistant exterior light with photocell (UL, OSHA, IBC)
  • forklift channels with anchoring brackets (EPA, IBC)
  • reflective warning tape marking entry (OSHA 1910, IBC)
  • dust-proof, fluorescent interior light with weatherproof switch (UL, OSHA, IBC)
  • removable galvanized steel safety floor planking (250lb. FM requirement, OSHA 1910, IBC)
  • leak-tight, continuously welded sump (EPA, NFPA, OSHA, FM, IBC)
  • heavy gauge aluminum threshold (IBC)
  • chemical / corrosive / ultraviolet resistant paint


Chemical storage lockers and buildings are available in 68.4 cubic feet, 145.1 cf., 211.4 cf., 308.1 cf., 404.7 cf., 524.1 cf., 747.7 cf., 971.3 cf., 1,277.3 cf., 1,418.5 cf., 1865.7 cf., and 2,313 cf.