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Illinois Craft Grower License Application Emergency Rule Update


Today, the state of Illinois released updated rules and requirements for applications of the Craft Grower license and Infuser License.

The full set of rule updates can be found here:


Highlights include:

“The Department and law enforcement agencies shall have the ability to access a cultivation center’s security alarm system in real-time”


Security Plan and Record keeping (145 points):
A) Measure 1 (40 points): The applicant’s security plan demonstrates
its ability to prevent the theft or diversion of cannabis and how the
plan will assist ISP, the Department, and local law enforcement.

Specifically, it shall evidence compliance with all items in Sections
1300.180 and 1300.185 of this Part.

B) Measure 2 (40 points): The applicant demonstrates that its plan for
record keeping, tracking and monitoring inventory, quality control
and security, and other policies and procedures will discourage
unlawful activity. It also describes the applicant’s plan to
coordinate with, and dispose of unused or surplus cannabis through
ISP, and the Department.

C) Measure 3 (40 points): The applicant’s security plan shall describe
the enclosed, locked facility that will be used to secure or store
cannabis, its security measures, including when the location is
closed for business, and the steps taken to ensure that cannabis is
not visible to the public.

D) Measure 4 (25 points): The applicant’s plan to apply for a
transporter license or plan to work with a licensed transporter and
the applicant’s procedures for safely and securely delivering
cannabis and cannabis-infused products to cannabis business



“Enclosed, Locked Facility” means a room, greenhouse, building, or other
enclosed area equipped with locks or other security devices that permit access only by cannabis business establishment agents working for the licensed cannabis business establishment or acting pursuant to the Act to cultivate, process, store, or distribute cannabis. [410 ILCS 705/1-10]”


Per Section 1300.30

Authorized On-Premises Storage. A cultivation center is authorized to store
cannabis and cannabis-infused products inventory on the licensed premises. All inventory stored on the licensed premises must be secured in a limited access area and tracked using the inventory and security requirements of this Part.