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Secure your Stash: Licensing and Security in Michigan’s Medical Cannabis & Recreational Marijuana Market

Due to the legalization of marijuana on a medical and recreational level, Michigan is ripe with financial opportunities. There are many different levels of operation an entrepreneur may engage. To cultivate, sell, or transfer marijuana to establishments, one would need a Michigan Grower’s license. There are three classes of license for growers: Class A – 500 marijuana plants; Class B – 1,000 plants; Class C – 1,500 plants. Remember, cannabis still may be subject to DEA Rules, security requirements and regulations per the Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR1301.72

Within the pot hierarchy, there is a step directly below growers: microbusiness. Michigan Microbusiness license holders may cultivate up to 150 marijuana plants, process/package marijuana, and may sell/transfer to those 21 & over but cannot sell to other marijuana businesses. (Think: start up with little capital.)

Next in the cannabis chain, we will find the processor and the retailer. These are separate licenses and have different limitations/functions. The processor may purchase marijuana from a grower, extract resin, or create a marijuana infused product for sale (edibles, etc.), and/or transfer said product to another processor or provisioning center. The retailer may acquire marijuana from establishments and sell to other establishments or individuals.

The chart below demonstrates which cannabis license holder can engage with another:

The state of Michigan will begin accepting applications for select licenses beginning December 6, 2019. If an individual is thinking of applying for any licensure, it would be in his/her best interest to start assembling documents now. The forms and applications are not yet available, but It’s safe to assume the document checklist will resemble those for medicinal facilities. The MMFL prequalification requires over 40 documents alone.  This information can be found on the state of Michigan’s website:,4601,7-154-89334_79571_87302—,00.html

In Michigan, security requirements vary by municipality.  It is imperative one checks the local code for a potential business to correctly implement the adequate standard. It is of the utmost importance that recreational businesses/operators are complying with regulations as these establishments are available for inspection at any time. Performing a realistic evaluation of the expected size of business (as well as future growth) should be done at the introductory phase. For example: a microbusiness may suffice with several small TL-15 Rated safes bolted to the floor or a dispensary may require a modular vault and vault door to house the quantity of inventory.

In summation, asset protection should always be at the forefront of a business owner’s mind. Replacing valuable product or having to cease business to meet government regulations is costly, inconvenient, and stressful.  The cannabis and marijuana industry is sure to be highly competitive and a highly sought-after revenue stream. KL Security has experienced consultants ready to help, and offers security solutions for dispensaries, growers and retails that meet compliance for security.

KL Security is able to help at all levels of the supply chain:

Full line of cash management safes for retail point of sale

Cannabis Inventory Management

Growers, Greenhouses, or Cultivations Farms and Land

  • Safe and Vault Systems
Modular Vaults systems that meet DEA 21CFR1301.72 for Dispensaries are designed for DEA Approved Storage at Growers, Retail and Cultivation Farms

For the latest updates, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) is in the process of implementing the security and regulatory framework for the entire state, Michigan County and Townships. Information has been gathered from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.

All license information and security measures taken directly from legislation: Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. “REGULATION AND TAXATION OF MARIHUANA ACT”. , 2017 Bill Text MI S.B. 1243 SEC. 501



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