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Maine to Begin Licensing Process for Recreational Marijuana Facilities

Friday, December 6, 2019


The Office of Marijuana Policy for the state of Maine has uploaded all applicable documents for adult use marijuana facilities. All application materials and instructions are now available at:


The Office of Marijuana Policy has begun to publish forms online for marijuana facilities catering to recreational customers. The Marijuana Legalization Act was passed in 2016 by voters, and constituents could be able to purchase marijuana without a doctor’s approval as early as Spring of 2020.   Title 28-B, the Marijuana Legalization Act, outlines the provisions for the Adult-Use program in Maine, as well as the licensing protocols and procedure.


One such provision gives municipalities the authorization to approve or deny operation of marijuana facilities within its borders. These municipalities also have the power to demand additional licensing fees that may exceed those required by the state. Some municipalities go so far as to require approval before submitting an application to the state licensing body. It is of the utmost importance to check local rules upon beginning the planning/application stages of starting a marijuana facility.


Security requirements vary from state to state. Some states’ rules are very clear and concise in referencing the safe storage or cannabis products, and others are not; Maine is not. Within medicinal facilities, the state rules require physical safety parameters that ‘deter theft and ensure safety’, Code ME R. 18-691-2.


Initial estimates by industry experts predict the recreational market in Maine could top $150 million in its first year of operation (1).


Cannabis dispensaries seeking to simplify compliance reference the Total Harvest Coverage plan for security planning & architectural programming including

  • Ingress/Egress
  • Entrances/Exits
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Storage Vaults & Vault Rooms

Whether you are seeking to maintain regulatory requirements and trace-ability / reporting at the minimum or maximum level, consulting with an experience integrator who has experience with applications, licenses, design, plans and build outs is key to business success.


To learn more about the standards for cannabis facility design as well as the protocols to deter theft and ensure safety, consult with Total Harvest Coverage consultants.

Marijuana Legalization Act


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