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Shortage of Marijuana Testing Facilities in Maine

In November of 2016, citizens of Maine voted to approve legislation to legalize the adult use of marijuana. It’s been three years, and constituents still do not have a way to purchase the drug legally.


It would appear that lawmakers have had some difficulty agreeing on the rules and regulations to be established. This is understandable; marijuana regulation and taxation is brand new territory.  With that being said, politicians and policy makers should tap into available resources. Experts should be consulted to help mold these laws and establish safe reasonable guidelines.


The latest hiccup is the lack of testing facilities in the pipeline. All marijuana must be tested after cultivation and before sale to the consumer; this ensures consistency and public safety. So far, only one marijuana testing facility has been approved within the entire state. This presents a huge problem economically. There are substantial and realistic concerns that the singular facility will be unable to handle the volume. If the product were a different substance, cultivation facilities could ship their goods over state lines for testing. Unfortunately, this is not a possibility since marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. The product must remain within state lines at all times.


There are exponential parts to any economic chain, and the more regulation on an industry, the more possibilities for problems arise. In this instance, the product supply chain was not considered within the timeline of licensing. This will undoubtedly affect the product quantities available for sale, and cause marijuana prices to be very high until they establish additional testing facilities.


As a Cannabis entrepreneur, it is of the utmost importance to seek out the most qualified professionals to navigate the rules and regulations of this burgeoning industry. If you’re considering opening a marijuana facility (testing facility or otherwise) don’t make a similar mistake. Consult an expert.


At KL Security, we have a proven track record for compliance with state laws and security requirements. Utilizing the Total Harvest Coverage methodology for security plans as well as cannabis business operation improvements, we have successful projects in facilities in multiple states, helping leaders in the cannabis industry drive revenue and stay compliant with state laws.


Information has been gathered from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.


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