Outdoor Safety Storage Buildings for OSHA Compliance

Outdoor Safety Storages: Lockers and Buildings

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Following OSHA and NFPA regulations for storing hazardous liquids outdoors ensures the safety of employees, your community, and the environment. Further, when done properly, it keeps your company safe from any violation of the law. Securall will help in meeting these standards.

The following are important considerations to make when choosing your outdoor safety storage.

  • Lockers are used to store chemicals not exceeding the control area, while buildings are used to store chemicals exceeding the control area.
  • Classify your chemicals according to hazard.
  • OSHA Approved Outdoor storage buildings & units can be designed to separate incompatible materials.
  • Securall Outdoor Storage units should be placed outside on level ground or a concrete slab.
  • There are various building codes to meet, including: UBC, SBC, UFC, NEC, AND CAC.
  • There are various industry construction standards to meet: NFPA, BOCA, AWS, AISC, ANSI, ASTM, ICC, AND USPC.
  • The are federal regulations to meet, including EPA and OSHA.
  • The floor area should not exceed 1500 square feet.


Outdoor Storage Lockers and Buildings safely store hazardous materials, flammables, pesticides, herbicides, and other agri-chemicals. To prevent leaking and contamination, Securall safety products are equipped with a sump area. The capacity of the sump ultimately determines the storage capacity. OSHA requires sump capacity to contain 25% of the total holding capacity or 100% of the largest container (whatever is greater). Securall has standards sizes or custom-design options to meet these requirements.

Securall Outdoor storage is approved for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids (except the storage of Class 1A and the dispensing of Class 1A and 1B Flammable Liquids). Explosion Relief, which is found in Securall Haz-mat storage units, is required for storing and dispensing Class 1A and 1B Flammable Liquids.

For additional information regulating the proper application of storing flammables, please visit www.osha.gov or www.nfpa.org