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HIPAA Compliance Resources | Visit our Blog follow ustwitter


The team at K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc prides itself on helping our clients better understand the issues associated with each HIPAA compliance regulation as well as the appropriate HIPAA compliance solution. Below you will find a list of associations, agencies and websites that offer specific information for every HIPAA compliance checklist.

To get immediate assistance or answers to questions regarding HIPAA compliance visit our HIPAA Compliance Solutions Page or call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

The Security standard mandates safeguards for physical storage and maintenance, transmission, and access to individual health information. It applies not only to the transactions adopted under HIPAA compliance, but to all individual health information that is maintained or transmitted. However, the Electronic Signature standard applies only to the transactions adopted under HIPAA. The final rule was published on February 20, 2003 with a compliance date of April 21, 2005 (or April 21, 2006 for smaller health plans).


To learn more about specific issues regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act please browse the following list of links:

United States Department of Health & Human Services

Quick Link to HHS Questions and Answers Database

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services HIPAA Section

HIPAA Training Supremus Group provides HIPAA training courses in multiple formats to meet your needs including: classroom training courses, online training courses, on-site training courses, and virtual classroom training courses.

State specific websites for HIPAA compliance regulations and solutions:

AL - Alabama Medicaid - HIPAA Insider

       Understanding HIPAA compliance and many links to HIPAA implementation guides.

CA - California Department of Developmental Services

       California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) - this site offers more insight into specific issues regarding HIPAA compliance in California.

CA - California Department of Mental Health

       This website provides a more clear understanding of the role of HIPAA compliance as well as a legal analysis.

CA - CalOHI - California Office of HIPAA Implementation

       This website offers tools and templates that will help you implement the Federal HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Rule.

CO - State of Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

       The state of Colorado has provided this website as a resource for policymakers, health care consumers, providers, and all citizens of Colorado.

CT - Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services - HIPAA Initiative

       Provides an overview, HIPAA implementation manual and many more HIPAA compliance resources.

FL - Florida Medicaid HIPAA

       Whether you are a consumer, health care provider, health care practitioner, or researcher, you will find important and useful material regarding HIPAA compliance and more.

GA - Georgia Department of Community Health

       Created in 1999, the Department of Community Health is the lead planning agency for all health issues in the state such as health care policy, purchasing and regulation.

IA - Iowa Enterprise HIPAA Project Office

       This site covers HIPAA transaction standards, HIPAA privacy regulations and a complete background and summary of the HIPAA laws.

ID - Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

       This website provides newsworthy and timely information covering every aspect of HIPAA compliance.

IL - State of Illinois Draft HIPAA Preemption Analysis

       The State of Illinois has provided this website determine the impact of HIPAA on Illinois law

IL - Illinois Department of Human Services - HIPAA

       This website provides more detail into the acceleration from certain paper-based administrative and financial transactions to electronic transactions through the establishment of national HIPAA compliance standards.

IL - Illinois Hospital Association - HIPAA Illinois

       Includes presentations and white papers about HIPAA compliance regulation.

IL - Department of Public Aid - IDPA HIPAA Online

       Guides, schedules and more covering all aspects of HIPAA compliance.

IN - Indiana Department of Insurance - Consumer Services

       This website provides a summary for Indiana consumers and business owners

KS - HIPAA Awareness and Readiness for Kansas

       This website was formed as a collaborative effort to inform, educate, share tools and best practices for the HIPAA compliance readiness in Kansas.

KY - Kentucky HIPAA Information in Relation to KY Department for Medicaid Services

       HIPAA Information In Relation to KY Department for Medicaid Services

LA - Louisiana Office of Health Insurance

       Instructions and worksheets dealing with HIPAA compliance issues.

MA - Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance HIPAA Page

       Privacy practices and information about HIPAA regulation.

MA - Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance HIPAA Site

       In the past months, MassHealth has been working closely with providers, industry representatives, software vendors, and other payers to ensure an efficient and smooth transition for MassHealth providers

ME - Maine Bureau of Medical Services HIPAA Information and News

       Covering transactions, privacy and security issues regarding HIPAA compliance regulation.

MD - State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene HIPAA Page

       To find our more about HIPAA regulation, this website offers many links and detailed reports.

MI - Michigan Department of Community Health (Michigan Medicaid)

       The online source for Michigan health resources.

MI - Michigan Department of Community Health HIPAA Implementation Materials

       Lists HIPAA regulation training events and informative guides for HIPAA compliance.

MN - Minnesota Department of Human Services HIPAA Page

       This website covers HIPAA readiness schedules, companion guides and more.

MO - Missouri Department of Mental Health HIPAA Home

       Strategic HIPAA compliance planning and more.

MT - Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, Health Policy & Services Division - HIPAA

       The challenges of HIPAA and the new ways of business operation in the healthcare industry.

MT - HIPAA Montana

       This website provides Montana specific information and suggestions related to HIPAA compliance for the Providers, Payers, and other covered entities in Montana.

NC - North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

       North Carolina HIPAA compliance tools, templates, code sets and more.

NC - North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Substance Abuse Services - HIPAA

       Outlines and updates for HIPAA regulations. A great source of HIPAA compliance information.

NC - North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance Information for Medicaid Providers

       Information, links and resources for Medicaid and HIPAA regulation requirements.

ND - North Dakota HIPAA Web Site

       This site has been developed to promote awareness about Title II of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and to share HIPAA information among health care-related partners in North Dakota and the surrounding region.

NE - Nebraska Health & Human Services System - HIPAA Online

       This section of the Nebraska Health and Human Services System Website provides HIPAA information and tools.

NM CHILI - NM Coalition for Health Information Leadership Initiatives

       New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Information Leadership Initiatives (NM CHILI) web site! NM CHILI is a public/private state-wide organization which is designed to help the New Mexico healthcare industry become compliant with HIPAA regulations and other healthcare e-business initiatives.

NV - Nevada Division of Insurance

HIPAA regulation policies, information and frequently asked questions.

NV - Division of Health Care Financing & Policy - HIPAA

       Public notices, plans, and details covering security and administration about HIPAA regulation.

NY - New York State Department of Health - Info for Providers - HIPAA Information Center

       The HIPAA Information Center web page is dedicated to providing pertinent information relating to the New York State Medicaid program's efforts to comply with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). HIPAA requirements apply to health care providers who submit claims electronically, all health plans including private and government programs and health care clearinghouses.

NY - New York State Office of Mental Health HIPAA Web Site

       Consumer and business information are provided here to supplement the HIPAA regulation laws for easier understanding and reading.

NY - New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services - HIPAA Web Pages


       Frequently asked questions, links and more regarding HIPAA regulation.

OH - Ohio Department of Mental Health

       This site was developed to assist Ohio behavioral health providers as they work toward compliance with the HIPAA rules and regulations. Updates are made to the site on a regular basis to keep interested parties current on HIPAA issues. Regular additions to the site include HIPAA Headlines, HIPAA Status Updates, and Policy and Procedure Templates among others. Numerous links to other HIPAA sites are also available to aid in meeting the requirements of this significant federal legislation.

OH - Ohio Department of Job and Family Services - HIPAA and EDI Information

       The site features information about programs, services, facts, statistics and current news concerning ODJFS

OK - Oklahoma Health Care Authority - Provider HIPAA Information

       On Jan. 1, 2003, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) launched a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)with the new system, OHCA included the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Transaction Set Standards.

OR - Oregon Department of Human Services HIPAA Home Page

       Overview, code sets, resources and more covering HIPAA regulation in Oregon.

PA - Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Office of Medical Assistance Programs HIPAA Information

       Notices, bulletins and HIPAA compliance regulations in full detail are available on this website.

RI - Rhode Island Department of Human Services HIPAA

       Detailed information on electronic data interchange and the issues associated with HIPAA regulation.

SC - South Carolina HIPAA Office

       Links, glossary and resources for nearly every aspect of HIPAA compliance.

SD - South Dakota Department of Human Services HIPAA Update

       DHS' Privacy Workgroup continues to work on implementation of the Privacy provisions of HIPAA.

TN - Tennessee Department of Health HIPAA

       For most of you, you have healthcare data stored in some systems or at a health plan or provider. Implementing the privacy and security rules of HIPAA ensures that your healthcare data is not used or disclosed (intentionally or accidentally) to persons or agencies that have no reason to see your healthcare data. This website provides accurate and detailed information on HIPAA regulation.

TX - Texas Health & Human Services Commission National Data Interchange Standards (NDIS) Task Force

       HIPAA overview and compliance dates, guidelines and online resources

VA - Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services HIPAA

       The purpose of the DMAS HIPAA Website is to provide the Department of Medical Assistance Services' providers, special interest groups and other DMAS business associates general knowledge and to serve as a reference guide for HIPAA. This site will also serve as a reference for Virginia Medicaid Related Provider Information regarding HIPAA.

VA - Commonwealth of Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Services

       It is estimated that administrative simplification, through the implementation of standards, will save the industry $29.9 billion over 10 years as a result of increased efficiencies. This website provides important details and resources for HIPAA compliance.

VT - Vermont PATH HIPAA Compliance Efforts

       Under HIPAA, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is directed to adopt national electronic standards for automated transfer of health care data between health care providers, plans, and payers. HIPAA seeks to simplify and encourage the electronic transfer of data by replacing the many nonstandard formats currently used with a single set of electronic standards to be used nationally throughout the health care industry. This website provides important details and resources for HIPAA compliance.

WA - Washington State Department of Social and Health Services HIPAA Home

       This website covers transactions, privacy, security, and identifier numbers for mandated HIPAA compliance.

WI - Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Medicaid HIPAA

       The website contains HIPAA information for Wisconsin Medicaid providers

WI - HIPAA COW (Collaborative of Wisconsin)

       HIPAA-COW is a non-profit organization open to entities considered to be Covered Entities, Business Associates, and/or Trading Partners under HIPAA, as well as any other organization impacted by HIPAA regulation.

WV - West Virginia DHHR Bureau for Medical Services HIPAA

       This website contains HIPAA program instructions and more.

WY - Wyoming ACS Medicaid What's New

       Fee schedules, reports, submissions and security measures for HIPAA compliance.

Phoenix Health Systems

       Up to date news and headlines regarding total HIPAA compliance.

For more information on HIPAA, please refer to the links listed below:

Disclaimer: The content within this website is maintained by the staff of K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc and is our interpretation of the HIPAA legislation. This information is in no way intended to provide legal advice. The reader or user should determine the appropriateness of this information to their circumstances, and consult with the appropriate legal counsel if necessary. The K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc website links to web sites maintained by other entities. Reasonable precautions are taken to link only to web sites which are appropriate, accurate and maintained by reputable organizations. However, those web pages are not under K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc control and K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc is not responsible for the information or opinions expressed in those linked sites. The recommendations and analyses on this site are intended simply to provide assistance and guidance, we do not provide legal advice. They may not be relied upon as authority for compliance with legal requirements, or as a source of legal advice.

If you believe that information obtained from this web site is inaccurate or out-of-date, or if you encounter technical problems, please email us today.


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