Empty Cylinders

NFPA Compliant Storage and Segregation fo Empty Cylinders and Oxygen Medical Gas Tanks

Improper storage of medical gas cylinders poses a number of hazards to patients and staff. The National Fire Protection Association’s regulation NFPA 99-1999 section 4- mandates requirements for storing nonflammable gas cylinders. The Joint Commission requires compliance with the NFPA requirements under Environment of Care standards EC.02.06.01, EP 1 and EC.02.03.01, EP 1.

Segregate cylinders: The Joint Commission requires organizations to segregate full, partial and empty cylinders by physically separating and clearly labeling the cylinders. Once a cylinder valve is opened, it is considered empty, even if gas remains in the cylinder. For storage purposes, any opened cylinders must be physically separated from full (unopened) cylinders.

Securall offers separate product lines to store Full, Partial, and Empty Cylinders. Optional adjustable divider is available to segregate cylinders for 9-12 and 21-24 cylinder storage cabinets.