ATF Approved

Explosive Storage Magazines | Type 2, Type 3 Day Boxes and Type 4

Explosive Storage Magazines provide safe and ATF compliant storage for High and Low Explosives. Get special prices on Type 2, Type 3 Day boxes and Type 4 Magazines for indoor or outdoor ordinance uses. Our turnkey or custom built Type 2 Outdoor Magazines have a Bullet-Resistant design meets or exceeds the ATF specs at CFR 555.11 (pg. 75 ATF Ruling 76-18 (b) “Exterior of ½” Steel, lined with an interior of not less than 3/8” plywood”).

All of our Storage Magazines are designed to be Weather, Fire and Theft Resistant. Additionally, we offer the only Storage Magazine with optional upgrade of 2 or 4 hour Fire-Rated Walls. The special wall design has been tested and rated to withstand F-5 Tornado winds and associated impacts (Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center).

Approved for bulk and packaged Ammonium Nitrate, ANFO, Emulsions, ANFO/Emulsion Blends and Water Gels or Initiation systems with primers, cords, that are electric or nonelectric as well as breaching materials and pyrotechnics. We also have temporary storage boxes for DOT class 1.3, 1.4 fireworks, cartridges, flare guns, distress signal flares, Def Tec flashbangs, Reloads, Non-reloads, cases of materials and other related materials.

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Explosives Storage Solutions

Working direct with the manufacturer of Type 2, Type 3 & Type 4 explosive storage magazines means you get the highest security, ATF and DoD Compliant solutions for every type and category of explosives, ammunition or and Ammonium Nitrate (ANFO) and Emulsion Storage and Distribution. We offer custom built and fully turnkey dayboxes, storage magazines and bult storage bins for any application or industry.

  • K-9 Dog Training
  • Mining, Rock Quarry Operations
  • Blasting & Avalanche Control
  • 1.3G Aerial Fireworks
  • Detonators & Blasting Agents
  • DoD Compliance
  • ATF Compliance
  • Well Drilling 
  • and more


Compare the pros and cons of turnkey vs custom built explosives storage magazines and review the best prices and pricing for budgetary purchases.