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Fireproof File Room - Safe Room Door , Vault Door & Bank Vault Door


Sentry Safe



Class 3, 2, 1 and M Rated TRTL

American Saferoom Door Company
To ensure protection of records and other valuables, our Sentry Safe / Schwab file room doors bear an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class 350-1 Hr. Fire Resistance rating. Six models available, have Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class ratings of 350-2 Hr., 350-4 Hr. and 350-6 Hr. Each vault door, file room or safe door is locked with five bolts on either side. This bolt work automatically retracts when the bank vault door handle is opened and automatically extends when the safe door shuts.

FireGuard Vault, File Room or Safe Room Doors

hamilton safe

This is one vault solution that won’t “lock you in.” Hamilton Safe Modular Vault Panels grow with you to provide outstanding advantages: Call Today for Custom Quotes! Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

• Grows with your needs.
For increased vault needs, branch consolidation or to create more space, just add more vault panels! KL Security can cost-effectively enlarge the existing vault at a fraction of the cost of changing a reinforced concrete vault. And vault panels can be arranged to fit a wide variety of shapes. Choose Class 5 doors as well as Class 3, 2, 1 or Class M rated security doors.

• Rapid Installation.
Experienced technicians erect your vault in three days or less, eliminating weeks wasted waiting for concrete to cure or forms to be stripped.

• True Portability..
Vault panels can be moved from one building to another. That’s a real cost advantage when a branch is relocated or closed. Delivered in individual panels and quickly assembled on location, your vault can be delivered through any door— installed on almost any floor.

Hamilton Safe Vault Panels Give You High-Tech, Expandable Security.

Match your security needs
Choose from our new less-expensive panels or our high-performance panels.
Hamilton Safe vault panels earned U.L. approval by withstanding severe torch and tool attacks. They meet or exceed all insurance standards and are equivalent to TRTL torch and tool attack ratings.
Class M - 15 minutes Class I - 30 minutes
Class II - 60 minutes Class III - 120 minutes

Call Today for Custom Quotes! Toll Free 1-866-867-0306


Bank Vault Door

Lease or Finance fireproof file cabinets, safes, IT solutions and more!

Finance Your Business Office Equipment Today!

When vital records and media files are lost in a fire - more often than not so is the business. A fireproof vault door or bank vault door can save your business. As the largest manufacturer of vault doors in the US - we protect more homes and business than anyone. Choose a bank vault door or file room vault door from Schwab Corp or Hamilton and K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc.

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Schwab Vault Door bolts are checked by a three-tumbler Group II Key Change Combination Lock that is equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified Re-locking Device. This device resets the lock bolt if the lock is damaged by tool attack. A second Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified device automatically deadlocks the vault door in case of tool or torch attack.

All hinges have roller-thrust bearings and can be placed on either side of the door with stainless steel covers available, some at an additional cost. Each vault door is also fitted with an easily operable escape mechanism inside and a beveled entrance for easy passage of wheeled carts. The vault doors come finished with textured vinyl paint in colors of gray, charcoal, forest green and tan, though you may consult K.L. Security Enterprises about customized colors.




Day Gates

Designed specifically for use with Schwab Vault Doors, day gates restrict unauthorized entrance during hours the vault door is open. The day gate has a brushed aluminum frame, heavy duty keylock and an attractive smoked Plexiglass insert. Mounting hinges attached to the main door frame allow the gate to swing easily.

Automatic Door Closer

Automatic door closer uses an electromagnetic system that releases the door when the sensor detects either heat or smoke. Closer then automatically shuts the door from its regular 180 open position. Sensor is not included in closer package.

Vault Door Accessories

Vault Doors (Schwab)
(Textured Finish)
Forest Green

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