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We work with leading Entrepreneurs, Architects, Designers, and Cannabis Facility Construction firms to design, engineer and construct the best end-to-end security solutions for compliance, protecting profits & improving business operations.

What We Do

With projects in retail dispensaries and growing & cultivation facilities across the United States, we believe that a holistic approach to security does more than maintain compliance ⚊ we improve safety & peace of mind while helping you drive profits to further distinguish your brand.

Five Things You Need to Know
Before Starting Cannabis Security Planning & Programming

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How We Help

Setting the Standard for Cannabis Facility Security

By helping organizations realize the true power of integrated security, data, and video

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Security is Our Specialty,
You Are Our Focus

From napkin sketch to implementation, we're here to help make your job easier.

Our Solutions

From project inception to completion, we help you plan, create, design, and build compliant security solutions and systems that meet your business goals, brand and mission.

Who We Work With

Cultivation & Growers
Processing Facilities
Retail Dispensaries
Architects & Interior Designers Consulting Firms Project Management Construction Management

Integrating security and how it can improve profits!

Point of Sales, Video, and Cash Management

Ready to Start Security Planning for Your Cannabis Venture? Let's Talk
Modular & Scalable Vault Rooms ArmorStor™ MJ Series Secure Rooms Learn More Get Pricing
Video Surveillance & Cameras Integrate video, SSPOS, RFID & Transportation Learn More Get Pricing
SSPOS Cash Management Solutions Reduce shrink & integrate w/POS Learn More Get Pricing
DEA Approved TL-Rated Safes UL TL-15, TL-30 & TL-30x6 Learn More Get Pricing
Vault Doors & Access Control for Outer, Middle & Inner Perimeters Learn More Get Pricing
Bullet Rated Glass & Windows Doors & Architectural Elements Learn More Get Pricing
Bullet Rated Building Materials Opaque Armor used behind drywall, millwork & countertops Learn More Get Pricing
Undercounter Equipment Organize, Store & Lockable for retail counters & facility design Learn More Get Pricing
Air Tube Systems For Cash and/or Cannabis Products Learn More Get Pricing
Wire Partitions & Cages DEA Approved for Products, Server IT Cages & Lockable Storage Learn More Get Pricing
OSHA Storage Cabinets & Buildings Compliant Storage Learn More Get Pricing
Drive Up & Drive Through Systems Transaction Windows & Lanes Learn More Get Pricing
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