Class 3 Modular Vault Panels, TRTL-120 Security Vault Rooms

Class 3 Modular Vault Panels, TRTL-120 Security Vault Rooms

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Class 3 UL Rated modular vault panels allow easy construction of UL rated vault rooms and storage rooms s in banks, research labs, materials handling warehouses, dispensaries, government facilities and more where Class III security level requirements are specified. 

Modular Construction - Welded or Bolt-in for fast construction 

On site surveys, installation available 

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Modular Vaults Range in size from 10x10 and larger, in both 5-sided and 6-sided. 

UL Rating ------ Equilvalent To

Class 3
Class 2
Class 1
Class M
Hamilton Safe Class 3 Modular Vault Panels grow with your security and storage requirements to provide outstanding advantages:

• Grows with your needs.

For increased Class 3 vault room needs, branch consolidation or to create more space, just add more vault panels! We can help you  cost-effectively enlarge the existing vault room at a fraction of the cost of changing a reinforced concrete vault. Our UL Rated Class 3 vault panels can be arranged to fit a wide variety of shapes.

• Rapid installation.

Experienced technicians erect your vault in five days or less, eliminating weeks wasted waiting for concrete to cure or forms to be stripped.

Retrofit / Retrofitting a Built In Gun Vault

Our modular vault panels can be used to retrofit a gun vault or security room inside an existing building, room or home.


• True portability.

Class III Vault panels can be moved from one building to another. That’s a real cost advantage when an office or branch location is relocated or closed. Delivered in individual panels and quickly assembled on location, your vault room can be moved, creating long term ROI

Class III Vault Room Panels

Our Class 3 UL Rated modular panels allow easy construction of UL rated vaults in banks, research labs, government facilities, pharmaceutical or controlled substance storage areas and more. Hamilton modular vault panels will also save you time and construction costs where weight requirements, or time constraints are prohibitive. Vault panel construction is lighter and much faster than conventional reinforced concrete construction and panels come in four rating classes.  Made in the USA.

 Hamilton Safe Vault Panels Give You High-Tech, Expandable Security 

Hamilton Safe Class III vault panels earned U.L. approval by withstanding severe torch and tool attacks. They meet or exceed all insurance standards.

Same vault space - less floor space

Class III Vault Room Panels


UL Class 3 Vault Room Panels, Modular Vaults

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