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Class 5 Weapons Safe with Rifle Cart | Gun Safe

GSA Approved Security Container

Free Shipping In Stock GSA Containers

Includes S&G 2937 Combination Lock

(this lock is per Federal Spec. # FL-L-2740A)

Item Number




1,080 lbs


Single Door


51.25 "H x 22 "W x 39"D

WRC Rifle Cart

120 lbs

  Holds 32 long barrelled rifles



Standard Features on the GSA Approved Weapons Safe with Rifle Cart:

  • Holds 32 Long Barrelled Rifles
  • Two (2) Drawers with hasps for pistol and ammunition storage
  • Premium Shipping Container

Optional Accessories:

  • State Department Rifle Carts
  • - Model No. 489-124-SD-S Low Barrel Support
  • - Model No. 489-124-SD-T High Barrel Support
  • Capacity: 16 Rifles and three (3) shelves


rifle storage cart with shelves for Class 5 weapons safe
Shown to the left is the low barrel support State Department Rifle Cart

This cart holds 16 rifles and has 3 shelves for storage

Class 5 Lead Times are subject to change without notice due to DoD priority rated orders.


What is a Class 5 (Five) and what is it used for?

ANSWER: Class 5 Security Filing cabinets are a Government approved cabinets for the storage of weapons, evidence, documents, funds and other sensitive information or equipment. This particular classification provides the same security as a Class 6 but with an additional ten minutes of forced entry attack.

Class 5 GSA Containers and security filing cabinets are available in 2 (two) and 4 (four) drawer legal size configurations.

Options / Features:

  • Dual Lock
  • Multi Lock

All GSA Approved Safes and file cabinets are equipped with high security locks that meeting the Federal Specification FF-L-2740. Examples of these locks are the X-07, X-08, or X-09.

How do I tell if my filing cabinet meets GSA Standards?

ANSWER: ALL GSA Approved Containers will have the official GSA label affixed to the front of the door or drawer in the upper left hand corner. If you have a GSA Container that does not not have the official GSA label affixed to the door or drawer in the above fashion, then it is not considered certified. Therefore it cannot hold classified, secret or top secret material or information.

What are the security testing standards for these cabinets?


  • 30 man-minutes against covert entry.
  • 20 man - hours against surreptitious entry.
  • 10 (Ten) Minutes forced entry requirements.

Size and Configuration - Class 6 Security Containers are available as filing cabinets, field safes, and special size cabinets for installation in vehicles and map and plan cabinets.

Color - Standard paint colors for GSA Security Containers are gray, black or parchment an optional walnut wood grained painted finish is also available.

Locks - All GSA Containers approved for the storage of classified information are provided with a lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740. These locks have a built in feature where either a single combination or a dual combination can be used. The dual combination mode eliminates the requirement for two separate locks for two-person control (TPI). Class 6 Field Safes and Class 5 Weapons Cabinets are supplied with S&G 8500 series combination locks.


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Locks - All GSA Approved IPS Containers meet the Federal Specification FF-L-2740.


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Schedule 71 III E (misc. security furniture)

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Hamilton Products GSA Approved Weapons Cabinet Safe

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High Barrel rifle cart with shelves for ammunition or pistol storage


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