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Commercial Fireproof Safes, Filing Cabinets, & Paper Document Shredders
Business Record Storage





UL 1-Hour Rated
UL 2-Hour Rated
UL 1-Hour Rated
UL 2-Hour Rated
Small to Medium Size Office
ioSafe R4  
High Shredding Capacity
Fireproof Hard Drive  
High Security Government Approved  
FireKing Data Storage Safes
FireKing File Cabinets  
ioSafe Solo  
SentrySafe Data Storage Safes
SentrySafe File Cabinets  
ioSafe SoloPRO  
        ioSafe Solo G3

Compare FireKing and SentrySafe Schwab fire filing cabinets. K.L. Security Enterprises commerical fire protection is a number one priority. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of business technology to provide the highest level of security in the home, school or municipality environment. Commercial fireproof safes and filing cabinets are a sound investment to protect your valuables and vital records and give you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe from harm's way. Our complete line is ideal for Industrial use. While each brand does have its pros and cons, our storage experts will help you review Sentry vs. FireKing to help you make the best choice.

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC serves the entire United States including Chicago, New York, California, Texas, Florida and more.

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Protect your media with a fireproof safe
Schwab Record Storage Safes
  Fireproof protection for your paper documents. Many available options including digital locks, drawers, trays or shelves. Click for lowest prices available on a fire proof safe!

Fireguard® Fireproof Safe
Schwab Media Storage Safes
  Protect all of your media backup files, tapes, disks & CD's from fire and humidity with this fire safe. Several sizes available to fit your exact secure storage needs.
Fireproof record cabinet Record Storage Cabinet

Pleasing to the eye and a perfect solution to onsite fireproof storage. Our fireproof cabinets come with a complete line of custom options to meet your exact home or office needs.

  • Interior Options
  • 3.0 - 10+ Cubic Feet
  • Shelves, Drawers, Key lockers, etc.
What is the best fireproof safe? 3 Hour Fire Rated Media Data Storage Safe
The only UL 3 Hour rated data safe made is by Fire King. This fireproof data safe is the highest security for your peace of mind.
FireKing Two Hour Data Safe 2 Hour Fire Rated Data & Media Storage Safe
Two hour fire with impact rated data safes for high security fire protection. Protect your computer media and data.
Fireking Data Safe 1 Hour Fire Rated Data & Media Storage Safe
Media and data storage in compact Fire King Data Safes. Protect all of your media backup files, tapes, disks & CD's from fire and humidity.
Security Storage, Data Backup and More GSA Approved Security Containers
  GSA Approved Safes and file cabinets comes standard equipped with the high security X-09 Locks for the storage of Classified Documents, Weapons, Narcotics, Ammunition, Cash, Valuables, Evidence and more.


Computer Data Backup Fireproof Waterproof Hard Drive

ioSafe S2 - USB 2.0 external hard drive device with a RAID 0/1. The best data backup protection for your dollar! 2x500GB - 2 x 1TB of data storage!!

Computer Data Backup NAS Storage Servers

ioSafe R4 - Network attached storage server. Choose from 2x 250GB up to 4 x 750GB in a RAID 0/1/5 for complete disaster protection.


Server Enclosure Rack for mounting servers Disaster Ready Server Rack

Disaster Ready Rack from ioSafe - a complete fire safe enclosure for your existing backup servers. Simply load your backup solutions into the fireproof server rack and maintain online operations in a secure environment.

Scalable disaster recovery solutions for business data and infrascructure



Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt








Schwab 5000 Lateral File Cabinets Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets
Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets come in both 36” and 43” widths. UL Rated Class 350 One (1) Hour Fire Rating. High Security Schwab Filing Cabinets.
Schwab 5000 Fire File 2-Hour Fireproof Cabinets from Schwab
Series 5000 2-hour fire rated vertical files. High Security - Peace of Mind - Fireproof protection for your home or office. Click for the lowest prices available!
Schwab Fireproof Files 1-hour Fire Rated Vertical from Schwab
Schwab 5000 & 2500 Fireproof Vertical Filing Cabinets with a 31” or 25” Depth.UL Rated Class 350 One (1) Hour Rating – High Security Locks in both Letter and Legal size
waterproof filing cabinets
TRIDENT Water Resistant File Cabinets
High Security Protection from Floods, Sprinkler Systems, Water Hoses & Water Damage. Fireproof Water Resistant Cabinets. Click To Learn More
Side Tab & End Tab Filing Cabinet
Side Tab End Tab Filing Cabinets
The only fireproof side tab filing cabinet in existence. These Side Tab or End Tab Filing Cabinets will hold both legal and letter size files for convenient End tab filing as well as 3-Ring Binders!
2 hour fire proof file cabinet
2-hour Fire Rated File Cabinets

Fireproof two hour rated FireKing file Cabinets come in 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer models.

  • Available in both letter and legal sizes - these FireKing vertical file cabinets have the two - hour fire and impact rating and a high security Medeco key lock
Fireking file cabinet
1-hour Fire Rated Vertical File Cabinets

Letter or Legal size cabinets in a 31 or 25" Depth.UL Rated Class 350 One (1) Hour Rating Standard equipped with High Security Locks from Medeco.

fire king lateral file cabinet
Fireking Lateral File Cabinets

FireKing Lateral Files are available in 31" , 38" or 44" widths in 2,3 or 4 drawer models- For filing of Letter and Legal size hanging files.

Fireproof record cabinet
FireKing Record Storage Cabinet

For the storage of oversized documents, binders, Bankers Box® storage boxes, ledgers and more you need the Fire King Storage Cabinet.

  • 72" High Model with four (4) adjustable shelves
  • 44" High Model with two (2) adjustable shelves
  • High Security Medeco Key Lock
  • Parchment Powder coat finish
Industrial commercial paper shredder Industrial Business and High Volume Paper Shredder

Dahle High Capacity Shredders are considered the best for crosscut usage for up to 2 tons of paper destruction per day.

  • Large Storage Bins (high volume)
  • Ideal for busy shredding environments
  • 2HP motors and greater
  • Handles Staples & Paper Clips
  • Continuous shredding design
Schwab Fireproof Files NSA / CSS 02-01 High Security Top Secret Document Shredder

Approved for the destruction of Top Secret COMSEC documents these cross cut paper shredders are ideal for goverment paper shredding use.

  • NSA / CSS 02-01 Specification
  • Up to 28,000 sheets per day
  • Best Suited for Govt. Contractors
Dahle Shredding Machine Multi Media Shredding - Tapes, ID Badges, Disks, CD's, DVD's, Identity Cards and more

For destroying more than just paper, these multimedia shredding machines are precision engineered for the toughest destruction jobs possible.

  • Shred CD's, DVD's & Floppy Disks
  • Up to 8,000 sheets of paper per day
  • Confidential Media Shredding








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