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Fireproof Data Storage Safe for Secure Media & Digital Data Backup


vertical file cabinet from FireKing

Fireking Data Safe 1 Hour Fire Rated Data & Media Storage Safe
  Media and data storage in compact Fire King Data Safes. Protect all of your media backup files, tapes, disks & CD's from fire and humidity.

FireKing Two Hour Data Safe
2 Hour Fire Rated Data & Media Storage Safe
Two hour fire with impact rated data safes for high security fire protection. Protect your computer media and data.

What is the best fireproof safe? 3 Hour Fire Rated Media Data Storage Safe
  The only UL 3 Hour rated data safe made is by Fire King. This fireproof data safe is the highest security for your peace of mind.

Fireguard® Fireproof Safe
SentrySafe FireGuard EDP Media Safes
  Protect all of your media backup files, tapes, disks & CD's from fire and humidity. Several sizes available to fit your exact secure storage needs.

Fireproof media cabinet Fireproof Media Cabinet
  Fireproof protection for your computer media and backup data never looked so good! Are you looking for media storage that is inconspicuous and blends in with your office? The Schwab Media Cabinet is the choice for you!

ioSafe Solo USB Drive - Fireproof Waterproof Hard Drive
Reliable USB comparisonn to brands and manufacturers

ioSafe Solo Rugged Hard drives- the Solo offers 500 GB up to 2 TB of data storage and starts at $149.99. Compared to other standard hard drive brands the Solo offers more value per dollar with fire and flood protection and the $1,000 no questions asked, one-time data recovery service.

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Prices starting at $149.00

  • 500 GB up to 2 TB - USB or SSD (solid state drive)
  • 1550 °F, 30 minute fireproof protection
  • Waterproof to 10 feet for 3 days
  • Air flow cooling ensures reliability during normal daily operation


ioSafe SoloPRO eSATA or USB 3.0 Hard Drive





ioSafe SoloPRO hard drives- eSATA/USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Fireproof Waterproof External Hard Drive.
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With breakneck speed, business class connectivity and compatibility, and upgraded Data Recovery Service with Advanced Replacement, the fireproof waterproof ioSafe SoloPRO gives you unparalleled data protection for your digital business or enterprise.

  • up to 2TB
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof


ioSafe 3.5 Hard Drives Internal Disk Drives

ioSafe 3.5" internal hard drives- the Pilot and Squadron hard drives offer fire and water protection for your desktop PC, computer workstation or network storage server.

  • FlowSafe™ Vent Technology
  • 80 GB up to 320 GB
  • 1400 °F, 15 minute fireproof protection
  • Waterproof to 5 feet for 24 hours

Simply install the ioSafe 3.5 drives inside and easily protect data, photos, video and digital assets in a fireproof and waterproof environment.

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K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC is your source for media data storage safes. We offer a fireproof data storage safe that is designed to handle the record or media protection needs of any business. A (UL) rating of fire and impact resistance accompanies Schwab high security media data storage safes. From the smallest to the largest capacity fireproof data safe on the market, a Schwab fireproof data safe means peace of mind. In addition, Schwab offers the greatest variety of American made fireproof media protection products.

We also offer products from FireKing. A high quality data fire safe is just a click away. Order your data fire safe today!

FireKing Data Safes or Schwab Fire Safes and cabinets are essential for CD's, Media, DVD's, Microfilm, Microfiche, DLT tape, LTO, Optical Disks and Hard drive backup in any office. Not only are they a functional part of the office itself, but they offer the added value of UL 125 Rated fireproof protection. A common name for the fire king safes is a Chubb Data Safe.

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC offers several drawer and size combinations to fit your exact needs. Physical Security Solutions for your data, media and IT / Information Technology

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FireKing Data Safes
FireKing manufactures the only UL Class 125 Three-hour data safe available today. FireKing also provides a variety of one and two hour data safes, plus the MediaVault data chest.

1 and 2-Hour Fire With Impact-Rated Data Safes provides an ideal way to store all types of magnetic media and protects them against fire, dust and accidental damage. They are available in six sizes to accommodate your storage needs. These affordable safes provide the ultimate in protection by incorporating layers of heat-absorbing material, fireproof insulating foam and fireproofing with a tough steel casing. Three-way boltwork ensures that doors remain shut if a building collapses during a fire or if a forced entry is attempted. Each FireKing 1 and 2-Hour safe carries a UL Class 125 1 or 2-hour fire and impact rating.

The FireKing 3-Hour Fire With Impact-Rated Data Safes provide the ultimate in protection against fire, dust, electrostatics and accidental damage for your computer media. They’re our highest rated safes and are perfect for businesses with large-capacity electronic storage needs. FireKing 3-Hour Data Safes are available in five sizes, all featuring the UL Class 125 3-hour fire and impact rating, plus the UL Residential Security Container ( RSC ) Burglary Rating for tough protection against break-in.

Free Shipping to 48 States - Call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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