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Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt



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K.L. Security Enterprises Record & Media Cabinets and Data Backup Hard Drives

Fireproof media cabinet Fireproof Media Cabinets
  Fireproof protection for your computer media and backup data never looked so good! Our fireproof media cabinets are available in several lock and storage combinations for the best in security from burglary, fire and damage from humidity.

Fireproof record cabinet Fireproof Record Cabinets
  Pleasing to the eye and a perfect solution to onsite fireproof storage. Our fireproof record cabinets come with a complete line of custom options to meet your exact home or office needs. Click here for the lowest prices available! UL 350 paper rating only.

Fireproof record cabinet
FireKing Record Storage Cabinet

For the storage of oversized documents, binders, Bankers Box® storage boxes, ledgers and more you need the Fire King Storage Cabinet. UL Rated for paper storage only.

  • 72" High Model comes with four (4) adjustable shelves
  • 38" High Model comes with two (2) adjustable shelves
  • High Security Medeco Key Lock (pick and drill resistant)
  • Parchment Powder coat finish (scratch resistant)



fireproof electronic media Media Protection Systems
  Additional fireproof protection can be added to your GSA Approved cabinets and containers giving your critical computer media, disks, DLT, LTO or external hard drives the UL Class 125 1/2 Hour Fire Rated protection needed.

Lease or Finance fireproof file cabinets, safes, IT solutions and more!

Finance or Lease Your Media Storage Equipment Today!

your fireproof media or record cabinet with:
    - trays
    - locks
    - drawers
    - racks

Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt

Computer Data Backup
Disaster Ready Hard Drive - Fire Safe

Introducing the ioSafe - a compact, Cost effective solution to protecting your computer data backup!! This USB or Network Storage backup hard drive is fire rated to 1700 degrees for 1-hour and waterproof to 30 feet.

  • Standard 3 year Business Continuity Plan!
  • Choose from 2 x 500GB up to 3TB of storage
  • NAS / RAID Solutions Available
  • Can be Customized to your IT Environment, including Linux, UNIX, Hot Swap platform, remote web monitoring, etc.

Fire Safe - Water Safe - Impact Tested

The perfect Business Data Backup Solution!

ioSafe, Disaster Ready Digital Solutions

ioSafe 3.5 Hard Drives Internal Disk Drives

ioSafe 3.5" internal hard drives- the Pilot and Squadron hard drives offer fire and water protection for your desktop PC, computer workstation or network storage server.

  • FlowSafe™ Vent Technology
  • 80 GB up to 320 GB
  • 1400 °F, 15 minute fireproof protection
  • Waterproof to 5 feet for 24 hours

Simply install the ioSafe 3.5 drives inside and easily protect data, photos, video and digital assets in a fireproof and waterproof environment.

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Server Enclosure Rack for mounting servers Disaster Ready Computer Server Rack Enclosure

Disaster Ready Rack from ioSafe - a complete fire safe enclosure for your existing backup servers. Simply load your backup solutions into the fireproof server rack and maintain online operations in a secure environment.

Scalable disaster recovery solutions for business data and infrascructure


There are several factors that come into play when selecting a fireproof media cabinet. First off, many of our clients are looking for a fireproof storage cabinet solution that not only provides protection against fire but also a fireproof storage cabinet that is pleasing to the eye and looks great with their office or home surroundings. An additional consideration that many customers look for is protection from heat, dust and humidity. All computer media storage and media and record cabinets we sell are made to withstand every element to ensure your confidential information is protected.

K.L Security Enterprises recognizes the need to protect your important data from accidental damage caused by liquid spills and humidity, as well as keeping things secure in a locked computer media storage cabinet.

Our media data storage cabinets can be customized with a wide variety of interior trays shelves and drawers and also come in an assortment of sizes. Larger capacity media data storage cabinets are capable of storing thousands of diskettes or hundreds of CDs. A K.L. Security Enterprises professional can assist you in determining what kind of protection will suit you best. Place an order today!

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Free Shipping to 48 States - Call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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