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Class 5 Narcotics Storage Cabinets & Lockers

GSA Approved Security Container Free Price Quote

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Class 5 Lead Times are subject to change without notice due to DoD priority rated orders.


What are Narcotics Storage Cabinets?

ANSWER: Class 5 Security cabinets are a Government approved cabinets for the storage Schedule narcotics, weapons, evidence, documents, funds and other sensitive information or equipment. This particular classification provides the same security as a Class 6 but WITH an additional ten minutes of forced entry attack.

What is the difference between a Class 5 and a Class 6?

ANSWER: While both classes are built specifically for Govt. and Military applications, the Class 5 maintains an additional security rating for 10 minutes of forced entry.


  • These storage cabinets come equipped with vertical channels for the installation of optional interior components.
  • These narcotics cabinets will accommodate up to 4 (four) lockers or large drawers, and even 9 (nine) shallow drawers to accomodate the needs of practicioners, DEA and military.

What are the security testing standards for these storage cabinets?


  • 30 man-minutes against covert entry.
  • 20 man - hours against surreptitious entry.
  • 10 (Ten) Minutes forced entry requirements (Class 5 only).


Size and Configuration - Class 5 GSA Approved Security Containers are available as filing cabinets, and special size cabinets.

Color - Standard paint colors for GSA Security Containers are gray, black or parchment

Locks - All GSA Containers approved for the storage of classified information are provided with a lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740. These locks have a built in feature where either a single combination or a dual combination can be used. The dual combination mode eliminates the requirement for two separate locks for two-person control (TPI). Class 5 Weapons Cabinets are supplied with S&G 8500 series combination locks.


Free Shipping to 48 States - Call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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