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Fire Protection, Water Protection, Impact Rated Disaster Protection


waterproof fireproof storage solution
TRIDENT® Series Fire / Water Safe Filing Cabinets from Schwab Corp.

Trident® Series all-in-one fireproof, water and impact resistant filing cabinets from Schwab safe offers you complete protection at a great price.

A Disaster Protection Safe means:

Secure Water Protection - - UL Fire Rated - - UL Impact Rated - - UL Explosion Rated-

Many file cabinets and damage resistant safes offer you document and media protection from fire disasters, but the Trident® Series filing cabinets take water protection a step further.

waterproof fireproof cabinetAre your vital records protected from Water Damage? Floods? Sprinkler Systems? Whether your sprinkler system or the fire department saves the day, a fireproof Trident® filing cabinet will always protect when a disaster strikes.

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ioSafe 3.5 Hard Drives Internal Disk Drives

ioSafe 3.5" internal hard drives- the Pilot and Squadron hard drives offer fire and water protection for your desktop PC, computer workstation or network storage server.

  • FlowSafe™ Vent Technology
  • 80 GB up to 320 GB
  • 1400 °F, 15 minute fireproof protection
  • Waterproof to 5 feet for 24 hours

Simply install the ioSafe 3.5 drives inside and easily protect data, photos, video and digital assets in a fireproof and waterproof environment.

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Computer Data Backup Waterproof (to 30 feet) Fire Rated Hard Drive

ioSafe data storage hardware - simple plug and play USB or Network storage external hard drive system that is fireproof and waterproof. Choose from the dual disk ioSafe S2 or the 4 disk ioSafe R4 (NAS / RAID) Optional rack mount kits available for additional physical security.

  • Standard 3 year Business Continuity Plan!
  • Standard 2 x 500GB - 3 TB of storage
  • NAS options available
  • Can be Customized to your IT Environment, including Linux, UNIX, AIX, RAID, Hot Swap platform, remote web monitoring and more.
  • Scalable to 3TB (terabytes) RAID

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ioSafe, Disaster Ready Digital Solutions

Computer Data Backup
Disaster proof computer hardware - Fire Safe

ioSafe R4 - a compact, Cost effective computer data backup hardware system that is fireproof and waterproof up to 30 feet for 30 days!! Fire Safe, Water & Flood Protection, and rack or floor mountable security.

  • Fireproof to 1700° F for 1-hour
  • Waterproof to 30 feet
  • Standard 3 year Data Recovery Service Plan / Warranty!
  • Up to 3TB of raw data storage
  • Cost Effective Tape Drive Replacement!
  • Fits any IT Environment, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, AIX, remote web monitoring platforms, etc.

Fire Safe - Water Safe - Impact Tested

Businss Continuity Plan in a box!


ioSafe, Disaster Ready Digital Solutions
Server Enclosure Rack for mounting servers Computer Server Rack Enclosure System

Disaster Ready Rack from ioSafe - a complete fire safe enclosure for your existing backup servers. Simply load your backup solutions into the fireproof server rack and maintain online operations in a secure environment.

Scalable disaster recovery solutions for business data and infrascructure

Most of our customers ask us about fireproof safes and filing cabinets that also offer additional protection against water - the most common cause of document damage as a result of a fire. Research shows that over 95% of fires have water present. With water comes water damage and this often becomes a more serious threat to your important documents than the fire itself.

K.L. Security Enterprises understands the need to protect against water damage and proudly offers several vertical filing cabinets with that offer this valuable protection.

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Customize your fireproof filing cabinets with:
    - trays
    - locks
    - drawers
    - racks

Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt

Free Shipping to 48 States - Call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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