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Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt















Fireproof Storage Cabinet Selection - Vertical, Lateral, and Specialty Office Products

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Lateral File Cabinets


  FireKing Vertical File Cabinets
UL 1-Hour Rated
UL 2--Hour Rated  
UL 1-Hour Fire Rated
UL 1/2 Hour Rated
UL 1--Hour Fire Rated
31" Depth
25" Depth  
44" & 43 Width
38" & 36" Depth  
Oversized Storage
Card, Check, Note
22" & 20" Depth
Water Protection  
31" & 30" Width
Side Tab / End Tab
FireKing Verticals  
FireKing Lateral File Cabinets  
FireKing Record Storage Cabinet
SentrySafe Verticals  
SentrySafe Lateral Filing Cabinets  
FireKing Card, Check and Note Cabinets
    TRIDENT Water Protection Cabinets    
SentrySafe Record Storage Cabinet
Compare and review FireKing Schwab and Sentry fire file brands with our experts, learn the pros and cons of each brand and make the best choice for your business.


Schwab Safe

Schwab 5000 Fire File 2-Hour Fireproof Cabinets from Schwab
  Series 5000 2-hour fire rated vertical files. High Security - Peace of Mind - Fireproof protection for your home or office. Click for the lowest prices available!


Schwab 5000 Fire File 1-Hour Schwab Vertical Filing Cabinet
  Series 5000 and 2500 vertical fire files offer a 31" Deep and 25" Deep filing space. High Security - Peace of Mind - Fireproof protection for your home or office. Click here for the lowest prices available!


Lateral fireproof file cabinet Schwab Lateral File Cabinet
  A fireproof cabinet delivers excellent fire protection and organization for your most important documents. Choose from 43" , 36" and 30" Widths. You can also customize your fireproof cabinets to fit your exact needs.

Waterproof Fireproof Filing Cabinet Waterproof and Fire Proof Cabinet
  With every fire comes water damage, a more common cause of document loss. Our line of specialty fire proof filing cabinet options offer you complete protection from burglary, fire, impact and water.

Medical Office Filing Cabinet
Schwab Side Tab End Tab Cabinets
  The only fire resistant side tab filing cabinet in existence. Designed to meet the needs of medical offices worldwide This fireproof filing cabinet holds both legal and letter size files.


Fireproof record cabinet Record Storage Cabinet

Pleasing to the eye and a perfect solution to onsite fireproof storage. Our fireproof cabinets come with a complete line of custom options to meet your exact home or office needs.

  • Interior Options
  • 3.0 - 10+ Cubic Feet
  • Shelves, Drawers, Key lockers, etc.


Fireproof media cabinet Computer Media Cabinet
  Fireproof protection for your computer media and backup data never looked so good! Our fire resistant cabinet line is available in several lock and storage combinations for the best in security from burglary, fire and damage from humidity.


Fireproof Media Safe Schwab Mixed Media Storage
  If you're looking for a fireproof media storage cabinet for both your records and backup computer media then look no further. click here for the lowest prices on your fire proof file cabinet!


Schwab 5000 Fire File Series 2500 File Cabinets
  Series 2500 Vertical Fire Files. High Security - Peace of Mind - Fireproof protection for your home or office. Click here for the lowest prices available!


Fireproof Media Protection Media Manager - Small Office Solution
  The 2 drawer media manager is the perfect solution for the cubicle and small home or business office. Protect your computer media and document with a compact fireproof media manager.


2 Drawer 4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet Hero 20" Compact Small Office Cabinet
Two (2) Drawer or Four (4) Drawer 20" filing cabinets from Schwab Corp. Perfect for small budgets and small office storage space. Compact filing.


Fireproof media storage solution
Media Cooler
  Backup computer data must have the added protection from humidity and heat above 125°F. Click here to learn more about the media cooler for your fireproof filing cabinets.


Used Filing Cabinet Used & Refurbished Discount Safes and Cabinets
  KL Security Enterprises is pleased to offer like new used and refurbished cabinets and safes. HUGE SAVINGS with this discount line!!

UL Fire Rated - UL Explosion Rated - UL Impact Rated

Flush Drawer Handles (no more knee bumps)

Patented Fire Protection Insulation

Seamless Construction for More Security


Lease or Finance fireproof file cabinets, safes, IT solutions and more!

Finance or Lease Your Fire Proof Equipment Today!


Discount Prices for:

  -Schools & Universities
  -Medical Offices
  -Govt. Agencies
  -Construction Mgmt


2 hour fire proof file cabinet
2-hour Fire Rated File Cabinets

Fireproof two hour rated FireKing file Cabinets come in 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer models.

  • Available in both letter and legal sizes - these FireKing vertical file cabinets have the two - hour fire and impact rating and a high security Medeco key lock


Fireking file cabinet
1-hour Fire Rated Vertical File Cabinets

Letter or Legal size cabinets in a 31 or 25" Depth.UL Rated Class 350 One (1) Hour Rating Standard equipped with High Security Locks from Medeco.


fire king lateral file cabinet
Fireking Lateral File Cabinets

FireKing Lateral Files are available in 31" , 38" or 44" widths in 2,3 or 4 drawer models- For filing of Letter and Legal size hanging files.


Fireproof record cabinet
FireKing Record Storage Cabinet

For the storage of oversized documents, binders, Bankers Box® storage boxes, ledgers and more you need the Fire King Storage Cabinet.

  • 72" High Model comes with four (4) adjustable shelves
  • 44" High Model comes with two (2) adjustable shelves
  • High Security Medeco Key Lock (pick and drill resistant)
  • Parchment Powder coat finish (scratch resistant)



fire king lateral file cabinet
Card, Check and Note Lateral File Cabinets

For organizing and protecting specially sized records, consider our large-capacity Card, Check, and Note Files. Available in 4 or 6 Drawer Models.


fire king lateral file cabinet
Protection Plus - Safe in a File Cabinet
  • Concealed Fireprof Safe in the top drawer
  • Vertical legal size for hanging folders in the lower drawers
  • UL class 350 1-hour fire protection
  • High Security Lock


Computer Data Backup Disaster Ready Hard Drive - Fire Safe

Introducing the ioSafe - a compact, Cost effective solution to protecting your computer data backup!! Fire Safe, Water & Flood Protection, and rack or floor mountable security.

Fire Safe - Water Safe - Impact Tested

ioSafe, Disaster Ready Digital Solutions
Server Enclosure Rack for mounting servers Disaster Ready Server Rack - Fire Safe

Disaster Ready Rack from ioSafe - a complete fire safe enclosure for your existing backup servers. Simply load your backup solutions into the fireproof server rack and maintain online operations in a secure environment.

Scalable disaster recovery solutions for business data and infrascructure


K.L. Security Enterprises offers the FireKing, Schwab Corp and ioSafe line of products to meet the security needs of businesses and homes worldwide.

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Customize your fireproof file cabinet with:    

- trays    - locks     - drawers     - racks

Free Shipping to 48 States - Call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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