The Importance of Proper LP Tank & Oxygen Cylinder Storage

The Storage of LP and Oxygen Gas Cylinders

NFPA Approved LP Storage Cabinets
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When it comes to safety and compliance with NFPA and OSHA, it’s best to take the proper steps to ensure the highest degree of safety in your facility to protect employees and buildings.

The storage of LP-Gas is covered by the Liquefied Gas Code (NFPA 58-2008). The NFPA 58 is “the industry benchmark for safe LP-Gas storage, handling, transportation, and use, NFPA 58 mitigates risks and ensures safe installations, to prevent failures, leaks, and tampering that could lead to fires and explosions” (NFPA). It’s important to educate yourself on the differences between flammable liquids and flammable liquefied gases, so to avoid the risk of storing them improperly.

Propane is not a flammable liquid, but rather a flammable liquified gas. The difference is an important one, since leakage from LP-Gas containers results in a rapid evolution of gas. Thus, the storage of propane is restricted in buildings. According to the NFPA, the restrictions include:

Buildings frequented by the public are limited to cylinders with a propane capacity of 1 pound. The total quantity stored is limited to 200 pounds of propane.”

  • Buildings not frequented by the public are limited to a maximum quantity of 300 pounds of propane. The cylinder size is not restricted.”
  • Storage in ‘Special Buildings’, meeting the requirements of Chapter 7 of NFPA 58 is limited to 10,000 pounds of propane.”

Due to their rapid release of gas, propane cannot be stored in containers meant for flammable liquids. Storage units for flammable liquids are designed to protect flammable liquid containers from fire for 10 minutes for safe evacuation. Thus, there are different regulations for protecting you and your employees from these gasses.

Secruall’s Aluminum Gas Cylinder Cabinets* (Models #LP4S, #LP12S, etc), with .125” thick aluminum construction, are designed for outside storage and are resistant to weathering and discoloring. While their outdoor performance is better than painted steel models, their weight (⅓ of painted steel models) also make for cheaper shipping charges. They also follow OSHA SubPart 1910.110 requirements and NFPA 58-113 standards. Vertical models are also available for no additional cost (Models #LP8S-VERTICAL, #LPOGS, etc). Simply add “VERTICAL” to your PO.

No matter which NFPA code you need to meet for compliance in your jurisdiction, you can be confident that the storage cabinet experts at K.L. Security can help you find the best cabinets at the best prices to meet your exact safety compliant needs.

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*These cabinets are also available in painted steel models.